The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast #15.

In this week’s show we devise a disciplinary system for Alicia.

After his night shift week Adam talks about all of the podcasts he listened to…

Bigger on the Inside

Who Noobs

Radio Free Skaro

Doctor Who: Podshock

The Flashing Blade

Tardis Tavern

The2ndDoctors Podcast

The Tin Dog

Hoo on Who

The Ood Cast

The Unearthly Child Podcast

The US Whocast


We reveal Podcast of the Week

Isabella is tested on her knowledge of the identity of the eleven doctor figures.

We talk about Alicia’s efforst at reveiwing classic Doctor Who stories.

There’s News and our regular eBay feature.

Feedback from Sean Homrig, Naveed Mall, Andy Nunney, Josh Zimon, Dave Hingly and the result of the Alcia or No Alicia debate. Plus news of course.

To hear this listen to The 20MB Doctor Who Podcast episode 15.

About whoisthemancast

I am a HUGE Sci-fi fan, and I do a Doctor Who podcast.
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