The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast #28.

This week we review Sarah Jane Adventures – The Empty Planet and the bonus features on the recently released Seeds of Doom DVD.

We take a final trip back in time to Doctor Whovian.

We look at Kevin Williams’ recent comments on Podshock and his opinion that the BBC license fee is an ‘unfair tax’. Adam’s response to that was also played on Podshock and Kevin was kind enough to contact The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast via Facebook.

Maddy returns to the CARDIS and chats about The Sarah Jane Adventures and The Ribos Operation part 1 plus her opinion of incidental music.

We, for the first time, had no feedback this week and hope our listeners will rectify that in time for episode 29.

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This episode can be heard at The 20MB Doctor Who Podcast episode number 28.

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I am a HUGE Sci-fi fan, and I do a Doctor Who podcast.
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