The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast #42

Jeffrey Berman’s DVD pile had grown to three now. The Write Environment interview with Simpsons creator Sam Simon is signed by Jeffrey and Sam and also has an exclusive original drawing of Bart Simpson on the cover. They are region 1 for playback in North America. Just send me an email that you would like to buy these exclusive disks for $25 and they are yours plus $5 shipping.

On the show this week we begin with Isabella’s views on our New Who episode this week. I will not reveal the title so as listeners can play along with guessing what episode Isabella is talking about.

We have audio feedback from the brilliant Tekkaman James. Plus some Facebook message from Robert Haynes.

We have eBay which includes the return of an old friend. News and then Alicia’s review of a certain New Who story.

Timecode 42:23 will take you straight past Isabella and Alicia part of the show and into Ben’s bit where we cover the Robert Holmes 1971 Jon Pertwee story, ‘Terror of the Autons’.

Hope you enjoy listening to this week’s episode as much as we enjoyed making it, otherwise we might as well give up!

My book The Diary of an Unwilling Virgin can be purchased at the following URL… and this week is available on eBay if you buy the copy listed on eBay it will be signed and dedicated to you.

Hear all of this at:

About whoisthemancast

I am a HUGE Sci-fi fan, and I do a Doctor Who podcast.
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