The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast #61

What can we do to follow our epic previous episode?

1) Be Shorter?

2) Talk about classic Who?

3) Unite all 4 presenters in a podcast at the same time?

4) Record the show as if it were live?

5) Do feedback?

6) All of the above?

Yes folks, for the first time all four members of the podcast were available at the same time. Alicia was off school because her school hosts The Isle of Wight Festival which was packing up on Monday and therefore was closed. Ben was available earlier than usual and Kirby was up at 5:30am just so as he could join in.

We discuss feedback about A Good Man Goes To War and Ben’s reaction to it last week. Kirby talks about his first viewing of the 6th Doctor story, Mindwarp (part of the Trial of a Timelord series)

00:00:00 Kirby’s girls attempt to do announce the title of this podcast.

00:01:00 Introduction with Ben.

00:04:13 The Top 30 Doctor Who Podcasts (That are affiliated to the DWPA)

00:09:18 Robert Haynes’ feedback

00:24:55 Alicia enters the room

00:29:15 Paudy Byrne’s feedback

00:40:26 Four go a-podcasting (the momentous moment of 20mb podcasters uniting)

00:41:18 Ben takes over the show

00:51:37 Adam returns

01:09:29 Ben departs and Adam and Kirby talk about Mind Warp and Doctor Who news

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I am a HUGE Sci-fi fan, and I do a Doctor Who podcast.
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